Its sad that ‘science’ should descend into this…

The Carbon Brief and any other website perpetuating this smear should issue a retraction.’

Its the very lack of proof in respect of global warming that requires these smears to perpetuate the myth.

Everyone is happy OBL is dead. Not least Obama. And why not?

After all, it is being widely pointed out it gives closure to the bereaved families, that it provides justice (and /or revenge) – and no one has any problems with this.

So – why if it is OK to execute OBL, why cannot it be right to provide ‘closure’ and ‘justice’ by executing other murderers?

Perhaps the left can explain – even as the left’s own hero, Obama, celebratres his role as judge jury and executioner??

Gordon Brown’s appointment to the ‘World Economic Forum’ is causing quite a stir.
No wonder.

One wonders what kind of pig in a poke these guys are buying.
Brown regularly used smoke and mirrors to disguise his ineptitude. Not least debt as %age of GDP. But as governments borrow more to spend then that spending adds to GDP, so its inevitable that the extra spending as a %age will not show up as as a high a figure as it perhaps deserves. The harsh numbers are a better guide.

Public Net Debt was £348 billion in 97/98 (and set to plateau and dip thereafter – thanks to Tory spending plans). In 10/11 it was £772 and sky rocketing.

Socialists are totally disingenuous in their cherry picking of statistics. Debt having dipped to £312 billion in 2001, it then started its inevitable Brownian rise despite what we were told was growth.
By 2005 it was £425 billion. By 2008 it was £525 billion.
So lets be clear — the brilliant policies of Gordon Brown -skills which various august bodies claim to value (well he IS coming free) – added £213 billion to our national debt in times of alleged prosperity. Within another 2 years he was going to add virtually another £250 billion!

All this getting on for £500 billion of debt was going to do do something to the GDP – but the ugly debt is still there even if you cover its face with a sack

Japanese rector disaster.

Reports that radiation levels were 10 million times higher in reactor water have in fact now been exposed as cobblers.

That’s not to say its not still high – but why do people accept all this at face value. Has the world lost its critical faculties?

It looks like nearly 50000 people have died from the natural disaster. None from the nuclear disaster.

The facts are that 31 people died as an immediate result of the accident and fighting the resulting fire.
14 people have since died from acute radiation syndrome.
The incidence of cancer there had been rising in the 1980s, but it continued to rise at the same rate after the accident. Specifically, there has been no significant increase in the incidence of leukaemia, the radiation-induced cancer that shows up soonest.

Just about the worst natural disaster one can imagine affected these Japanese power plants and as yet the consequences are far less than the self induced disaster that was Chernobyl (which disaster was far less dramatic than hysteria would have us believe).

When it comes to the Libyan prisoner release, people are missing the elephant in the room.

Suppose a plane exploded over Texas and the perpetrator was serving jail  in Texas.

Does anybody really think it would be down to the governor and government of Texas to be able to release him to please Libya?


Because it would be down to the Federal government; it would be a federal offence. And a federal jail.

The problem of having to facilitate for Scotland to do the national bidding (good or bad) is down to the cock up that is devolution.  But we do not have a Federal govt in the UK despite devolution.  Its probable that Texas has more devolved powers than Scotland but it is part of a complete federal system.

There is no English govt nor a corresponding true federal system.  If there were Brown and his govt would have been in complete control instead of tipping winks and nods and slipping odd legislative presents to Salmond.

Own Hoist Petard By

The dramatic ‘World’ island project in Dubai has run into a spot of bother.  Its sinking.  Global warmist might even now be getting up a head of steam.  They would be advised not to bother.

Its not the oceans rising inexorably and in step to the beat of oure carbon footsteps (though we can be sure much carbon was expended in creating our Dubai World).  No.   Ice in the Antarctic is thickening not lessening.  There is nothing particularly abnormal about the Arctic ice melt and refreeze cycle.

The land in Dubai is artificial – its nothing to do with global warming – its about bad construction.  Cowboy builders.  and Architects.  And Engineers.

But be warned.  Land elsewhere is disappearing – and disappearing ate a geological rate of knots.  As an example, Greece is inch by inch bit by bit slowly sinking into the Mediterranean,  or rather sliding into the Med.  Its nothing to do with rising water but falling land.   It would be absurd to think that; the mountains of Greece are slowly subsuming into the sea.

But not as absurd as the delusions of mad economics and construction.  Funny things climate and geology.

OK, the above title is not mine … but I like it.

The point which deserves publicising is that a well worn allegation is junk.  That is that 97% of a large survey agree with the notion  of man made global warming.

You have to question the motives of the perpetrators when they so massively misrepresent facts.  Not to mention the gullibility of activists, academics journalists and politicians who swallow it.

From a poll of over 10,000 scientists only 3000 respond and of those only 75 out of 77 claim to be climate scientists.  So from this 75 out of 10,000 becomes 97%.   As ‘Climate Consensus Opiate’ say ….

The original number contacted was 10,157 and of those, 69% decided they didn’t want any part of it, but they were the original target population. When the figure of 75 believers is set against that number, we get a mere 0.73% of the scientists they contacted who agreed with their loaded questions.

Some solution.

Nobody likes a tax increase and nobody likes a 20% tax on anything.  But a perceptive shopper interviewed by SKY on the day of the VAT increase  did not quite give the answer that the reporter was fishing for.  ‘If they did not put it on VAT they would have to make cuts elsewhere’, she said.

It seems to me this lady would make a better shadow chancellor than Alan Johnson.  He favours a direct tax on jobs (NICs) rather than an indirect tax on goods (most of which are imported anyway), but he still claims VAT will cause job losses but NICs will not.

When it come to economics Johnson does not know which day of the week it is – he even does not know what Labour Policy of the week it is.  But in doing this he is simply playing to the wishful thinking of his party supporters,  ‘deficit what deficit?’ they cry. No need for cuts, well not serious ones.  A bit of a growth pill will cure us – dissolved in a beaker of inflation.

The reality is that even with the cuts our debt will be costing us £60 billion a year in interest payments alone by 2015.  £60 billion we cannot spend one way or another on ourselves – but must give away to foreigners.  All simply because Gordon Brown could  not live within our means.

And given half a chance Labour would do it all over again.  Spending is a disease, and with them it is incurable.

A number of suggestions are surfacing about what Gordon Brown would do if he had to build a snowman …

It’s simple.

If Brown were to build a snownman it would only be if everyone possible could benefit from the snowman; no part of the nation could be without snowmen; snowmen should be part of the community. Africa would have to have snowmen.

He would visit his friends in New Hampshire to tell them that building snowmen was a global issue and demanded global falls of snow.

He would spend considerable sums of money not just building snowmen but also transporting them in refrigerated trucks (driven by Polish drivers) to those parts of the country not currently benefiting from snowmen.

The costs of all this would be such that Brown would have to max out his credit card and due to the high repayments he could not afford to spend as much on Christmas presents and could only afford a smaller turkey.  But we would all have snowmen – until they melted.

Merry Christmas

Poor ‘Saint’ Vince Cable – his halo has slipped.  But there are other possibly more important issues than Cable’s indiscretions in this story; it is riddled with ironies and contradictions.

The Telegraph go out of their way to have a pop at Cable and other libdems – why?  Because its leadership are anti coalition/ Cameron and pro right wing loopy.  This may be something to do with their ‘secretive’ owners.  Either way their honey trap was blatantly political.


Not so long ago the Telegraph Group (including the Spectator), The Mail Group and The Guardian Group ALL wrote to Saint Vince demanding he do what he has admitted he was minded to do; ie not approve the take over.

But Lo … The Telegraph for its own perverse political reasons stitches up the very man they are pleading with to sustain their own economic future!  Clever or what?

But easy peasy – they censor that!  Great thing this freedom of the press.  One wonders what Vince (whose anti Murdoch bias would have been well known at the Telegraph) would have made of his entrapment  – even if his Murdoch comments had not come to light. Does anybody seriously expect him to do the Telegraph a commercial favour knowing they had set him up? He would really have to be a saint  to do that.

So which ever way this may have panned out, to pursue its own political bias The Telegraph set out on a process which was going to scupper its commercial interests.
Clever?  Wherever the resignations come from – there should be shedloads at The Telegraph.

Has anybody seen The Daily Telegraph lately?  Where has it gone?

There seems to be an imposter pretending to be a great national newspaper but I cannot imagine its fooling anybody.

So the question remains – where is the real Daily Telegraph?  Has it been taken hostage?  Can we have it back please?

Watts Up With That are reporting that the BBC are reporting…

‘Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said he had asked the government’s chief scientific adviser to assess whether the country was experiencing a “step change” in weather patterns due to climate change and whether it needed to spend more money on winter preparations.’

This ought to concentrate the scientific advisor’s mind.  Are we going to expect warming weather or cooling weather?
Hammond has asked absolutely the right question.  Our unpreparedness for future cold events rests entirely on the shoulders of the chief scientific advisor. If I were him I would recommend a Royal Commission into the global warming claims.

WUWT reports that the UK is using up its supplies of road grit at a prodigious rate. That makes it a useful proxy for ‘climate change’, which in this instance is a useful alternative for ‘there is no such thing as global warming’.

As airports grind to a halt, as roads are closed thanks to jack-knifed lorries, as snow snow and more snow keeps us prisoners in our own homes …  where is the met office?  Where were the dire warnings of doom and disaster from the University of East Anglia?

Gatwick Airport proudly says its got snow clearing equipment arriving any day soon.  Why did it not order them 3 months ago?

What the current climate shows us that far and away the worst that the future holds is global cooling and what we have to face up to is that we are in between ice ages and the only certainty is that its going to get colder in future.

Sadly the bigotry and self interests of alleged ‘scientists’  have let us down.  Blinded by their self justification they are not advising government to prepare for the inevitable bite back of nature.  Instead of investing (?) billions in wind farms we should just be spending a few million on snow ploughs and a bit of salt.

Before you can blink another G20 Summit is upon us.  We must presume that British students and their associated agitprop followers are indeed too impoverished to get there  (or do not fancy ” ‘avin some” it with the South Korean National Police Agency-Combat Police Division) so they have decided to  burn London instead.

There is much agonising over the next way forward.  You know, the Chinese exchange rate;  external imbalances; how to rebalance the World economy; currency wars; financial regulation; IMF reform.  Then there is the Global Safety Net, the Doha Round trade negotiations, international development and, as we shiver into winter, yes you guessed it Climate Change.

It all seems as usual very complicated and worrying, but look – this is in fact all really very easy.  Gordon Brown sets up some rules (very complex ones admittedly) and EVERYBODY says how wonderful he is and naturally follows them to the letter.  Problem solved.

Of course, what’s really important about this policy is that EVERYBODY says how wonderful he is.
Lets be clear this IS a very important part of the policy because it is the price we pay for making sure that Brown never never ever ever comes anywhere near being given a serious ‘international’ job.

Some might think it would be OK to give him Africa, but what have the Africans done to deserve that?

Whew, the Large Hadron Collider has recreated the conditions of the big bang – only much smaller.  Well its a start.  I did not notice the light flickering  or feel the ground shake so we must presume as the experiments continue the world will not disappear into its own fundamental firmament.

Apparently our international band of mad scientists hope to prove the existence of a whole new state of matter known as the Quark Gluon Plasma.  But what to do with the stuff?  Well, The Telegraph breathlessly tell us this discovery  could lead in turn to the uncovering of one of the fundamental forces that bind everything together.  Out of self interest and personal political bigotry I hope the first available tin of Gluon Plasma is picked up by Dave and Nick.  Maybe they could use it in Oldham and Saddleworth.

The return of Labour from its Twilight Zone into real space-time is not something I fancy.

June 2021