The report by the Office of National Statistics about the inevitable increase in Englands population, making it the most crowded major nation in Europe, will no doubt prompt a lot of discussion.  Deservedly so, however leaving all that aside there are other points worth raising which are tucked away in its pages.

Whilst populations in the South East are projected to jump, populations in Scotland and the North East are expected to remain static.   If immigration is so good for us why are these regions being denied its benfits?  If immigration is so important, why is our control freak government leaving it to market forces.

Its not as if there is not room or need in the North for fresh blood.  Scotland suffers from a declining population and the charm of Alex Salmond do not seem to be reversing the trend.  Its not as if there is currently any overcrowding in these regions.  Glasgow has suffered massive population loss and Newcastle has also suffered some decline.

On issues where some central direction might be welcome our government is strangely silent.