It comforting to know that the good people at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission have seen fit to release bin Laden’s ‘right hand man in Europe’ on bail ‘pending his deportation’.

After all, as I am sure they have reasoned, its bound to be a breach of his human rights if he cannot have a couple of hours off to get in a quick bit of preaching.

There are many things that could be said about this decision, not least that in all probability (and this probably includes most Muslims) the membership of this commission are just about the only people in the country who think this is a good idea.  But my first thought was, “Don’t they know there is a war on!”.

Given the legal process to extradite this man has been successful without the need to resort to draconian measures it has got to be frustrating for everyone trying to fight this war without destroying our own freedoms to see efforts to deport him hobbled and quite frankly ridiculed in this way.