Daily Telegraph writers seem to be stumbling upon the bigger picture framing the slump in Labours fortunes.  Iain Martin points out that labour are betraying the people they were founded to support.  Labour, he says, “has failed to do anything about improving flat-lining social mobility”.  It, “failed to make it easier for the talented and aspirational from poor backgrounds to rise”. 

This should be taken a stage further.

Labours whole construct, carefully criss-crossed and layered by Gordon Brown, designed to help the poor, is falling down.  It mitigates against aspiration, it perpetuates dependency and it only helps those who fit an arbitary definition of poverty.  The great intellect which is always ascribed to Gordon Brown, crudely demonised as a ‘great clunking fist,’ is shown to be a sham.

Britain is a mess because the whole basis of the way Gordon Brown wants to govern us is bogus.