An article in todays Telegraph points out Frank Field’s view that Brown may well have to go if things do not improve.  Now Field may well be behaving like a man with his foot on an opponents throat,  but I, from the depths of the folds of my sofa, cannot help but agree.  For a whole host of reasons Brown seems totally compromised.  The amazing schism with Scottish Labour is just the latest example of a party and government out of control.  Brown is on his way out – as sure as night follows day. 

The electorate hold his fate in his hands, not least the electorate of Crewe and Nantwich.  Labour faithful are hopeful.  Well maybe.  But it does not matter about the hard core labour rump (many of whom will be distinctly miffed by the 10p tax shambles), if the middle classes and long suffering pensioners rise up as a mass they can destroy Brown for good.  It could happen.

Now it may be that if Brown goes it will create a whole load of new problems for Labour but it seems realistic that if Labour are truly to confront the problems they face they need to remove the man responsible for most of them.  

Of course whoever leads Labour they will have to persuade us they are worth voiting for.  The curent attempt seems to be based on improved social care.  Small problem.  It will cost billions  – so where is the money to come from?  Hey presto!  Up steps Yvette Cooper (possibly the most odious woman on the planet, which given the rest of the rivals in the Cabinet is a tough poll to top) to say that Labour plan (yet again) to save £7 billion in ‘waste’.  A likely story.  Labour need to tell us some good news, so make a spending pledge and invent future savings to pay for it.

Step forward anyone gullible enough to believe it.  It may be just as well that the great policy announcement is in fact only a pledge to ‘consult’.   Is this what the next two years are going to be?  An endless series of initiatives and consultations all to be paid for by regurgitating the same savings in waste?