The story of Darlings emergency mini budget, of Labours unfunded tax cut, of Darling’s fiscal boost to the economy, is of course all over the blogosphere.   Many point to the absurdity of Labour brazenly, cravenly, wretchedly following the same course that they regularly accuse the Conservatives of, of unfunded spending policies. 

I have to say for me it brings an overwhelming image to my mind.  The Marx Brothers made a great movie called ‘Go West’.  In it they are trying to escape the villains on a train which runs out of fuel.  Inspired by Harpo they saw and chop the train to bits, leaving it shredded, to feed the boiler it until they finally run out of train and the engine runs out of steam.

Just how much of our train is left for Labour to vandalise?  How long before the bad news finally catches up with us?

Oh, and Sam Coats asks, ‘how much is £2.7 billion?’   Well by the approximation measure that Gordon Brown regularly uses, its £5 billion.