Gordon Brown regularly says he is the best man to lead Britain through the credit crunch.  He was at it again this morning, though sounding increasingly unsure and more desperate.

He also says we are, thanks of course to him, in a good position to weather this storm.  Hmmm… clearly he is in denial.  He needs to read the business pages.  They are universally torrid in their economic outlook.  But somehow I suspect that Brown thinks he is the man who knows best and reading about the real world is just plain beneath him

And you know things are really seriously bad for Brown when a writer from the absurdly self consciously liberal Independent uses phrases like “The Government is ideologically spastic “.  And indeed when a leader in the same Independent puts together the most succinct, devastating critique of the duplicitous Brown’s smoke and mirrors technique that one could hope to read anywhere, then you know that words like ‘terminal decline’ are becoming wholly inadequate to describe Labour.

Ah well, we will all just have to wait until the real world comes back and bites him.