They are waking up at The Guardian. Even The Guardian has cottoned on to government duplicity and wised up to Browns smoke and mirrors tricks.

Money to help developing nations combat climate change is not as they thought in the form of grants, but in loans subject to interest.

Leaving aside the long story of non existent man made global warming … its really quite shocking that the government can stoop this low when it come to milking kudos. Certainly Ed Miliband made no mention of ‘loans’ when he welcomed the creation of the fund.

Brazil are “indignant” whilst development groups were “dismayed”, but it takes Tom Sharman, from ActionAid to hit the nail on the head with this observstion of Brownian absudity, “This is not money that is additional to Britain’s aid budget. It seems strange to be cancelling debt and then inviting poor countries to take on new debt.” Clearly at the time Sharman said this he had not heard of Browns plan to impoverish poor people by making them pay more tax but recompense them by making them go cap in hand to him for tax credits. What seems strange to Sharman is in fact quite sane if you inhabit Brown’s world.

What must really stick in the crow of Guardianistas is the realisation that the letter seen by the paper

“shows that the US has resisted the idea of loans, preferring to give developing countries grants”