Oh dear.

Guido Fawkes runs this picture, and inevitably his co-conspirators have a good laugh at it.

But when The Guardian chooses to pick out one like this, when it is basically running a story about the Crewe by election, then you know “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.

The Guardian has already gone on record as disapproving of labour’s tactics in Crewe and may be this photo is its way of making its point.  Guido quite rightly points out that his photo shows how Wendy Alexander (or Wee Wendy McNumpty as Andrew Neil christened her) is kept at arms length.

However for me the point to make is that someone, a certain Nicola Burdett according to the Daily Mail, is being paid a small fortune at tax payers expense to see that these photo opportunities never arise.

Its bad enough that we are paying for these petty bureaucrats, its insufferable that they aren’t earning it.

By the way The Guardian laughably points out how now Labour are worried that rising car taxes might be affecting their chances.  This after 11 years.  I’m deeply touched!