Well said Cranmer! Oh that our real active Archbishops were so insightful.

His expose of “religio-politics or politico-religiosity” points out an interesting week for Gordon Brown. He examines Browns “messianic vision ” as outlined in his address to the Church of Scotland. He has made his point in his first sything paragraph.

“It is ironic that the week during which Gordon Brown has legislated for animal/hybrid embryos, saviour siblings, 24-week abortion, and the eradication of fatherhood, that he should have prefaced this perverse amoral agenda with a speech in which he outlined his ‘moral vision’.”

But he continues to good effect. He is dismissive of all the usual moralising drivel that Brown spouts but seems particularly cutting of Brown’s soft-peddling on Islam and the way he equates it to Christianity.

“He appears to have read the same bowdlerised Penguin edition of the Qur’an as Mr & Mrs Blair.”

At a time when terrorism is as rife in the world as it has ever been (such that the UN fears for a dirty bomb attack on the Olympics), rife to such a degree that Browns own government plans to circumscribe our freedoms in draconian fashion, Brown can persuade himself that circumstances now make “possible for the first time in history something we have only dreamt about: the creation of a truly global society.” Cranmer points to more of this guff. Following on from Brown’s speech to the liberal glitterati in Massachusetts it is illustrative of how he continues to move his fantasy divisions from the fantasy bunker he inhabits in his head.

Pointedly Cranmer points out that at this Church of Scotland gathering “there were no references to Jesus, no mention of God, and scant references to Scripture” in Browns remarks. Brown is in far too much trouble with his backbenchers for those.

Its an interesting picture that Cranmer chooses to illustrate his point.

Is that the Sword of Damocles I see hanging over Browns head?