Some years ago I realised that the IRA and their mainland bombing campaign were heading for defeat. They planted a bomb in a litter bin in Warrington. Just what they hoped to achieve by blowing up Warrington was quite beyond me, since the locals could generally be relied upon to come close to that every Saturday night.

Now we read that a radicalised Muslim, with “a history of mental illness”, has planted a bomb in a restaurant in Exeter. I have been to Exeter and its not as charming as you might think. Quite what an exercise like this can possibly achieve is known only in the dimmest recesses of the mind of the most gullible Muslim – admittedly there may be plenty of them.

The IRA cruelly killed a small child, all to no avail. In Exeter, mercifully, only the bomber himself has been injured. No doubt the Madrasah’s in Pakistan will hope to keep the grants flowing in and keep themselves in the no doubt lucrative business of turning lowest common denominators into grade A student radicals. Its hard to see who else is benefiting from this pyrotechnic pantomime.