Very first indications via Newsnight from the Crewe by election count is that the proportion of votes is similar to the recent local elections. Which paints a very bad picture for Labour and for Gordon Brown. Reality is about to intrude into the Matrix like construct that Brown lives in. As Matthew Parris points out in this Times piece,

“the PM is having to warp the external world to make it fit”

Its well known that Brown is a control freak, but what does this mean? Well it means he wants to get all his ducks in a row, sometimes to the point of vacillating paralyses. But a further problem comes when these obstinate ducks simply refuse, as they invariably do, to dutifully line up. In Browns warped world the problem is not just that these troublesome birds don’t line up when he tells them to, its that if they don’t then he simply pretends they do, he repeats endlessly that the ducks are indeed lined up, “and therefore” they will soon be potted. In his world things are because he decrees they are, things happen because he says they must logically happen.

For some considerable time people – some who should have known better – took Browns pronouncements at face value, and the whole period of his post coronation ‘bounce’ was a classic case of Brown getting his ducks in their infernal row – announcements, pronouncements, denouncements, defections and repetitive parroting of mantras which were followed by the inevitable “…and therefore,”. As Cranmer points out he was at it again lecturing the Church of Scotland; and again last month in Boston.

Such fantastical constructs cannot hold up forever, the public have woken up to the fact that these “and therfores” are in fact complete non sequiturs. Tonight Brown ought to get the message, he ought to see and feel pieces of scenery from the real world falling on his head. But faced with the reality that he is not the solution but the problem will Brown merely descend into a further alternate reality?

Guido as well as other bloggers regularly point out the Jonah like influence of Browns visits and complements. I rather think they have missed, hardly out of good taste I would venture, that Browns address to the loyal Kennedy clique in Boston suffered the consequence of Ted Kennedy being diagnosed with life’s ultimate reality.