Margaret Becket is just one labour backbencher urging Brown to change course. But this begs another question, ‘Port or Starboard?’

Indeed questions are falling quicker and faster than leaves in autumn following Labour’s Crewe debacle. But ultimately they revolve around Brown’s future. We can be sure of one thing, at the time the Labour Party anointed Brown as their leader they never dreamed that they would be arguing over the need for his successor so soon. This single fact points to the vacuum at the heart of the Labour party. They bought into the Brown myth to such a degree that not one single person would run against him.

How the hell do they expect us to take them seriously?

Its in instructive to look at Labourhome website to see how continuingly disconnected Labour are – although its clear the penny has dropped in some quarters.  But when you read comments like “I’ll be glad to see the back of that evil rat Purnell.” (or should that be, “He’s a morally dubious rodentesque careerist”) or, “Another problem: Hazel Blears”, then you can see how deep Brown’s problems are as well.