I suspect that many in Britain will not be really too concerned about the differences between Republican and Democrat in the USA, perhaps being prepared to tar all with the same brush.

This post and its accompanying picture from Ed Morrissey of ‘Captains Quarters’ ought to give a glimpse into the fundamental divide between the two. Democrat activists working under the banner of Cuba with a picture of Che looking on does I think illustrate the reality of the crypto-communist left wing that hangs on to the Democrats in America, and probably shows why they have of late lost the blue collar vote.

Equally the attitude of Senator John Kerry (and the right wing response) on how to deal with Iran is quite instructive. Kerry says “By engaging Iran, we reclaim the moral high ground”. Oh, the right wing response of course is “from whom will we be reclaiming it?”

To put this in a British perspective we would have to imagine Ken Livingstone supporters parading the Venezuelan flag during the London mayoral elections. Come to think about it they all but did. I suppose if Americans want to understand the true atavistic tendency of Labour activists (as opposed to voters) then the Crewe by election and its now notorious class warfare depiction of the Conservatives as ‘toffs’ would be correspondingly instructive.

Although what they would make of the way Labour played the race and immigration card in the same election is anybody’s guess.