Frasier Nelson from The Spectator is in Afghanistan and speculates that the Taliban are in disarray if not retreat.

It seems they have given up. Fighting was expected to start three weeks ago but hasn’t.  Instead the Taliban have switched to roadside bombs and suicide attacks

This is the first I have read about this and lets hope it is true, although the bombing campaign clearly is fraught with dangers for our troops and Afghan civilians.

Its good news for our troops if this continues and makes their efforts worthwhile.  However we should not forget that there has also been some not insignificant US involvement in Helmund.  The Americans are not likely to be there forever and the British and Afghan forces will need to hold the gains made.  But success of the surge here and in Basra and Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq really give the lie to the doomsayers who have been belittling our activities there.  Its just important to remember that ultimately its taken intervention by the US Army/Marines to force the issue.