Labour are going to listen. To change.

OK then. Schools are in revolt over under 5’s curriculum. And there’s more, “obsessive changes leave nurseries joyless”.

And for good measure “the Early Education Advisory Group are urging Beverley Hughes, the Children’s Minister, to water down the new curriculum by dropping targets …”.

If only …

As in so many other areas “choice is being taken away from them”. The Times seems to be making an issue of this so its likely to be drawn to government attention. Libby Purves – “While social services miss tragic cases, the Government fiddles with early learning targets” – points out the inevitable result of Labours one-eyedness.

“… ministers – and here comes the satirical backcloth – are far keener on micromanaging those who are already perfectly OK. They like to impose their will on soft, law-abiding families rather than intractable and uncivilised one.”

“… while we are a society that still has pockets of appalling parenting and children who die by gradual visible neglect, the kindly and reasonable majority of families are subject to endless authoritarian fiddling. While one child lies in filth and fear, taken out of school for ten weeks without a single visit from state authority, that same state authority beavers away to force every childminder to have “a range of programmable toys””

Will Labour listen? Well there is nothing like an execution to concentrate the mind. But there is a world of difference between trimming, running away or compromising and actually having coherent philosophically sound alternative ideas and policies. Central control runs through the middle of this government like a motto through a little stick of Blackpool rock.

Listen? Expect smoke and mirrors.