THIS is the inevitable result of the bureaucratisation of society.

It seems the government is a little upset over the intervention of the Children’s Commissioner in their belated get tough policy on juvenile violence and murder.  Well they should have thought of that before they invented the Children’s Commissioner  – “to give a national voice to all children and young people” – in the first place.  Silly me, there was I thinking that was a parents job.

Meantime the appalling toll in young life continues, with the government standing transfixed in the headlights.  As it tears up the fabric of our society it seems surprised at the by-products.  its not as if the worry over knives is new, even the BBC were discussing it back in 2003, with a reference to an amnesty in 1996.  It does not need new initiatives it needs existing laws enforced.  It will also need to put policemen on the streets, not community support officers, and keep our policemen there not filling in forms and ticking boxes back at their desks.

As our government wallows in its unpopularity, look out for a few eye catching initiatives on this from which our Prime Minister can be associated with.  But thanks to the unique way its been running the economy lately – can it find the necessary resources to back these up?