An interesting story in Watts Up With That prompts me to comment on the current state of man made global warming – or the lack of it.

Its quite a funny story really about the icebreaker stuck in the ice.  Whats so funny?  Well it was engaged in a cruise to demonstrate how much ice had disappeared due to global warming.  Such ice as there was, was expected to be thin and weedy, but in the end it trapped the mammoth ship for a week.  Hope the passengers enjoyed it.  As one commenter says “In the last year, 2 separate cruise ships viewing ‘the melting Antarctic ice’ have struck icebergs”.  We will gloss over the ‘carbon footprint’ of these voyages.

One reason why temperatures are rated as high as they are is also highlighted in this blog.  Putting a weather station in a Fire Station car park in the middle of a city is not the best of ideas but its not uncommon as this link explains further.  And you thought all this temperature recording lark was ‘scientific’.

‘Watts Up  …’ also points up the fact that there is far from a concensus on global warming, highlighting The Oregon Petition, which has just chalked up Freeman Dyson as a signatory, not to mention the Manhattan Declaration and the Leipzig Declaration.  When you are told there is a scientific consensus by anybody, you know they are lying.  “Nature of course will be the final arbiter of truth” and the graph in this link currently makes devastating reading for warming alarmist.

Here in sunny Britain harsh politics and economics are intruding into the warmists fantasies.  Its troubling that policy such as fuel tax and carbon indulgences trading is being made up on the basis of “the “scientists” torturing the data until it tells the truth”.  Where is Amnesty International when you need them?