The latest poll figures gives everyone an excuse to resume speculation about if when and where will Gordon go.  But perhaps the speculators have missed an irony in the midst of all of this.

If only Blair had resisted the demands for him to go.  If only he could have spoiled all the plots.  If only he had never given the hostage to fortune in the first place.  By now he would have had ample ammunition to sack Brown and turn over a NewLabour leaf.  He could have succeeded in renewing the party whilst in office.  Northern Rock.  The 10p tax fiasco.  Can you imagine how this would have played with Brown still in office as Chancellor?  The public would have still been mad at the government but the way would have been clear for the culprit to make the supreme political sacrifice – or at least take exile as Foreign Secretary.

And Tony would have been good at it as well.  “Look Gordon, you know me, I am a regular guy, this is really difficult but…  Its for the good of the country, the good of the party, for your own good … “.

Life’s not fair … just ask Norman Lamont.

However I suspect Labour  backbenchers are having a collective bout of selective amnesia over the process that deposed Blair and left them with Brown.  They must hope the electorate do not cotton on either since this whole episode can hardly mark them down as perceptive – if the electorate stopped to think about it for long enough.