When a government makes such an enormous pig’s ear of ‘reforming’ the tax and benefits system as this one and makes such a lamentable job of introducing ‘green’ car taxes it makes the public sit up and ask questions.  On top of which we have seen the governments bubble of self proclaimed fiscal competence comprehensively burst.

So, does anyone seriously trust it to look to the future of our energy supplies?  Indeed does anyone think it has been making any sensible considerations these last 10 years?

No, I thought not.  And over at EU referendum they spell it out, not for the first time to be sure.

On top of the government’s own incompetence our problems are compounded by the EU.

” … we shall also have to shut down nine more major power stations – six coal-fired, three oil-fired – forced to close by the crippling cost of complying with an EU anti-pollution law, the so-called Large Combustion Plants directive. This will take out another 13 gigawatts of capacity, bringing the total shortfall to 22GW – a staggering 40 percent of the total demand.”

As the government squanders our precious resources on wind energy then we have the prospect of facing a massive shortfall in our energy production.  The governments incompetence is astronomically greater then its critics give it credit for.