If Richard Dimbleby had been handed plans for Operation Overlord from a mystified train passenger in 1944, would he have read them, photographed them and talked at great length about it on the Radio or sent a copy to the Times for them to publish.? Hmmm … I think not.

So what is it with the modern BBC that they feel the need to expose the latest loss of top secret doccuments in the way they have? They have read them, they have filmed parts of them, have they photocopied them – discussed them? Oh and in the end they handed them over to the police (all filmed of course).

The BBC seems to be reporting in a vacuum. It seems to think that it can expose our security inadequacies with impunity to itself and its licence payers. Our nation is indeed under terrorist threat. We are deluged with bogus issues like 42 days when at the same time real measures to protect us are being ignored and organs like the BBC poke two fingers into the face of our security.