The resignation of Wendy Alexander, or ‘Wee Wendy McNumpty’ as Andrew Neil memorably called her, is a victory for our self appointed Sleazebuster General and his assorted err, cohorts. Mind you Alex Salmond might like to claim an assist there as well. I guess Ms Alexander deserves all she gets as it was after all Labour who invented sleazebashing. As a pretty incompetent minister and Labour leader there are plenty of reasons to relish her demise. I have to say though I find it difficult to justify her resignation based on the issues involved. Both the Electoral Commission and the Procurator Fiscal have acquitted her. She goes I guess because she just does not have what it takes, the heat in the kitchen is too great.

What seems to be being ignored though is that Wee Wendy owes all she has to the patronage of one G. Brown Esq. He pushed her to the leadership and no doubt strong armed the Scottish Labour party into accepting yet another unopposed leadership election (counting Robert Mugabe, I make that 3 such elections for sure in the last 12 months). Its pretty clear poor Wee Wendy was not up to the job, thats reason enough to see the back of her (if you’re a Labour supporter that is). Her donorgate scandal is in all probability due to her dumb stupidity rather than any desperate need to garner funds and provide payback for the same. Remember Bernie Ecclestone anybody? ‘Straight sort of guy’ Blair did not feel the need to resign over that now did he?

So anyway, what does all of this tell us about the judgement of her mentor?

And what does it say about the judgement of the cabinet, the backbenchers and the party that put HIM in power?