Gordon Brown’s home that is.

The Charity Commission report into the activities of The Smith Institute says that even after being warned that it was unwise, the Institute still held 27 meetings at 11 Downing Street.  And why not – the Smith Institute was run by an old school chum and 3 of its 6 laughably named ‘trustees’ donated to Browns leadership election fund.

No matter how Labour spin this its clear that the Charity Commission report is pretty damning about the careless way the Smith Institute chose to ally itself with Brown.  The report has also done sterling service in highlighting that Brown is so concerned about ‘listening’ that he does not reply to his correspondence.

What is equally damning is the way the BBC’s ‘Newsnight’, in the shape of Michael Crick can shrug its shoulders at this report whilst doggedly dragging Caroline Spelman through 10-years old muck.