Make me laugh? Not ‘arf.

Its wondrous to behold, if hard to believe, that a newspaper of The Independent’s alleged circumspection and self evident political correctness (verging, lets face it, on pomposity) can – by way of THIS ‘caption contest’ – endeavour to encourage its readers to make fun of a tragic mistake by an Olympic athlete.

I suppose that because the athletes are American it gives the paper and its readership an ample opportunity to further the left wing national pastime of continual disparagement of that nation (although it singularly forgets that our own gallant Olympians suffered the same fate).

But amazingly, on top of all this, they chose to emphasise their tiny collective minds in a racially dubious way by pointedly focussing on the details of a black woman’s singularly emphatic posterior.

All of which would be considered shameful to The Independent if it occurred in another newspaper.

Yep folks, you got me in stitches. So much so I am finding it difficult to dismount my high horse. Here is Deborah Orr embarking on another lefty pastime, sneering at the middle classes. It makes you wonder where The Indy thinks its readership comes from.