Speculation is rife as, at long last, a few hardy souls put their heads over the parapet in the battle to remove Gordon Brown.  If he goes who will replace him?  Cabinet meetings promise to become a macabre dance of deception as various allies and enemies go the the motions of pretending to govern Britain.

But it is not just a question of WHO will replace Brown, but WHAT will they do?  Carry on the same?

The recession is still there and its being made worse thanks to 11 years of Browns policies which were happily accepted by the Labour Party and whoever it is who might replace him.

A new leader if he were to do the right thing for the country would cut spending in order to cut the burgeoning deficit and cut taxes to ease price pressure on consumers and promote growth.   Heaven forbid, but it might actually be necessary to INCREASE taxes to cut the deficit.

Step forward the Labour leader willing to do this with the implicit criticism of their last 11 years of office.  Could they really expect to be taken seriously?

Either way – if Labour squeeze us as a result of past stupidity or muddle through as now – would changing leader really help?  It would certainly not deserve to.

And with world leaders queuing up to eff and blind at Milliband – just who do they choose?  I suppose provided he stays in office for 12 months then Jack Straw might think it would give him a nice pension.