The financial whirlwind has resulted in there being some twittering about Browns poll deficit reducing and comment on how he is seen to be (ever so slightly) more trusting on the economy.

Given that Brown has been managing the economy in the run up to this crisis then all this does seem most strange, and I can only put it down to three things (4 if you include a biased and statistically opaque poll).

The gullibility of the electorate
The crass stupidity (and left wing partiality) of the TV media
The ruthless deceit of Gordon Brown

Take the nationalisation of Bradford and Bingley.
Brown announced that it would not cost the taxpayer anything as it would be covered by an insurance policy (the existence of which and its purpose was news to me)

Well, as any one knows once claims mount on any insurance policy the premiums go up, and The Times has quickly pointed this out showing that bank charges will rise and indeed this may see the end of free banking.  “All banks face huge increases in the levy they pay to the deposit lifeboat, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, after it borrowed £14 billion from the Government to underwrite Bradford & Bingley deposits transferred to Banco Santander. ”

Can we expect the institutionally left wing BBC to point the finger at yet another Brown smoke and mirrors trick to hide yet another stealth tax to bail himself out of yet another financial disaster?  Don’t hold your breath – they seem more interested in catching a smile from George Osborne in an unguarded off duty moment..

BTW – as part of Santander buying the B&B branch network and its deposits – can someone explain why we the taxpayer are also giving it £4 BILLION?