Well …. I said Brown would throw money at his dire poll ratings and he is.

Darling is quite clear about it – though I doubt that the economy is quite as robust to pay for it as he pretends.

Given all the taxes we have been throwing at the government during 11 years of ‘good times’ then that should be easy.  There will be loads of money in a surplus won’t there?

err no.

Its all going to come from more borrowing, borrowing piled on top of an existing pile of already far too high borrowing.  How come government borrowing is good but private borrowing is bad?

So just when will the gov. pay back all its borrowing?  When will it bring in some measly sort of surplus to cover the massive spendthrift borrowing?
Err ….  If you are a dumb socialist the question can be rephrased – ‘When will the govt put up taxes?’

And just for the benefit of conomically illiterate socialist I can whisper the answer to them – “It will be just after the run on the Pound”.  It will be just like old times for the Socialists to leave us with a good old fashioned Sterling Crisis.