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Be afraid if you are a LibDem that is.

The Spectator’s CoffeeHouse blog speculates about a LibDem-Labour coalition.  It all seems due to excessive obsession with the chances of the vastly overrated Vince Cable becoming Chancellor.

The catalyst for the present speculation is the latest piece of desperation from The New Statesman.

Quite frankly the picture alone is enough to shred the LibDem vote.


If I were Clegg and Cable I would buy up and incinerate every copy.


The Telegraph  reports that President Obama’s ‘rescue package’ is well and truly dedicated to protecting jobs in the USA – and only the USA.  And good luck to them.

This after all is in line with his policy during both his nomination and election campaigns.  It does of course beg the question: Why were the Euro Left so besotted with him?

As the Telegraph points out …

Now however we learn that the bill passed in the house of representatives late on Wednesday included a ban on most purchases of foreign steel and iron used in infrastructure projects.


The senate’s version of the legislation … goes even further, requiring that any projects related to the stimulus use only American-made equipment and goods.

The EU is spitting feathers, but coyly ignores its own trade barriers and restrictive practices. Indeed why should the USA pour billions, trillions, into its economy with the avowed purpose of propping up American jobs, only to see the money spent abroad?  This after all is the perverse logic of Browns VAT cut and Obama, ‘The One’, does not walk on water for nothing.

But where one must ask does this leave the Prime Minister’s claims that the USA is following his lead.  His assertion that this ‘global’ crisis demands a united ‘global’ response?

In tatters?

France’s President Sarkozy must be doing something right – the unions are organising strikes against his policies.

Meantime back in the Land of Nod, our own Chancellor cancels his trip to Davos at the last minute.

Shades of Denis Healey turning found off the plane to deal with the brokers from the IMF – anybody?

The news of significant losses in the steel industry and GKN on top of previous job losses in the car industry is a sobering warning that the recession is eating into the marrowbone of the economy.  Not that it feels any less if your a Woolies emloyees losing their job.

Its hard to see, no matter how much the government try to talk up their loans to the car industry, how people in fear of losing their jobs are going to rush out and buy new cars. Throwing money at green initiatives when the industry has already made massive strides in producing more efficient engines also seems potty.  On top of which since the car industry is (to use a favourite Brown phrase) ‘global’, its hard to see the point of passing on such money to overseas companies.

This is of course the latest in a long list of initiatives (it would be absurd to call them policies) from the government.  Brown Darling et al are locked into labelling their opponents ‘do nothing’ and in the usual way of the world the Opposition in turn label the Government, and their revolving door of announcements, a bunch ‘headless chickens’.

Sadly it has to be pointed out that ‘headless chickens‘ can be with us for a long time and one can only wonder what state we will be in when Gordon Brown’s passable impersonation of one finally falls off its perch.

Mike the Headless Chicken - lived for 18 months

Mike the Headless Chicken - lived for 18 months

Apparently a “Mike the Headless Chicken Day”, is held on the third weekend of every May in Fruita Colorado.  Maybe this would be an appropriate time for a General Eection.

Being busy and having various writing projects on the go has caused posts to completely dry up. But ‘The Day’ for ‘The One’ prompts an aside …

Crisis? Ah that crisis!

Where did it all begin?

Where will it all end.

Well who knows where it all might end but this right here is where it all began.

And with the over hyped inauguration of Barak Obama – it looks like it is all coming full circle.

And of course as the evidence of this video shows, there was no excuse for Brown bot to know what was going on – from 1995 onwards.

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