Andrew Rawnsley is getting all uptight in The Observer about moral failure on the part of Tony Blair.

Whew – well its taken him a long to work that one out.

But oh dear, no sooner does he start and it all goes wrong.  He blames GW Bush (of course) – apparently it all began …

when he signed the now notorious memorandum declaring that the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war did not apply to members of al-Qaida and the Taliban.

Shock horror – since when were terorists signatures to the Genever Convention.

Mr Rawnsley might cast his mind back to WW2 and the activities of British Intelligence when they captured German spies.  They said ‘you either co-operate or we shoot you’.  Tell me Mr R do you agree with that cold cruel ‘torture’ of poor sweet misguided German spies – or do you accept there was a war on?

But really we can see were his dementia has finally set in when Mr R claims the fictional antics of Jack Bauer were used as the justification of a (presumably) disfunctional Bush regime.  Yes thats right a James Bond fixation encouraged Eden to invade Suez.

How much better if they had been fans of ‘The A Team’ where all manner of pyrotechnics are unleashed but miraculously no one, good or evil, is ever hurt.  Yes that’s that’s what we want – world leaders with a firm grip on the real world.

Rawnsley might ponder that the events of 911, the African Embassy bombings the Madrid bombings and the Bali bombings were a

shameful period

for the Muslim world and

will not be so smoothly and simply buried

here in the West. But hey, the Muslims don’t seem too bothered about that do they? Neither does Mr Rawnsley.

Gawd save us from bleeding heart Liberals.  Of course when Mr Rawnsley appears on the most excellent and unbiased BBC we never hear too much about his less than objective left wing views. I guess to the average BBC producer he is a bit of a maverick.

No – in fact in berating Tony Blair for his lack of moral rectitude his entire article omits the one word which would indeed condemn the spineless cowardly amoral Blair to the ninth circle of political purgatory;  Brown.  He was happy to sacrifice the social and economic future of his country for the sake of political expediency. Content to see Brown conspire and plot against his own policies and political future, pulling down the temple around us all in the process. Sanguine in the knowledge that he, Blair, could parade off on to a wider stage never even having to return to face his failures if needs be.

“The Greatest Moral Failure of Tony Blair’s Premiership” was in not sacking Gordon Brown when he had the chance.

Trust Mr Rawnsley to get his priorities right.