The blogosphere – well at least the Conservative end of the spectrum is clearly getting exercised over the Jacqui Smith – as well they might.  For me it has the added benefit that I have at last learned how to spell ‘Jacqui’ – you have to feel sorry for the poor little girl at school, maybe that explains how she grew up the way she did.

But I digress.  It seem to me far too much effort is being wasted on what is or is not a second home.

This misses the whole point of the scam.She is trying to say that a spare room in her sisters house is her main residence.  Is this tenable?

Its clear, she has a proper house in her constituency, one she seems proud to call ‘home‘.  As a result the plain fact is that Smiths ONLY extra expense is paying the rent for using her sisters spare room.
That cost should be £100 per week or £5200 a year.
All of this is fair doos.
(Although the extra cost of policing this when she could have had a grace and favour flat costing the taxpayer nothing in rent and policing is another matter entirely)

But no  – instead of claiming say some six grand legitimately she has been claiming £24k a year !!!
In other words defrauding the taxpayer of £18,000 a year.

This is criminal activity from the “Second Home” Secretary* !

Can any defender of Smith explain how a spare room in her sisters house can be considered a ‘main residence’  ??


Right or Wrong, ‘technically’, Smith has absolutely NO moral authority to issue a single law or directive telling us, ordering us, what to do.  She is morally bankrupt – indeed an apt and living metaphor for this appalling government.

* a great turn of phrase from Littlejohn (inevitably)