The latest terrorist plot involving bogus students from Pakistan is of course getting widespread coverage. Sadly this is mainly due to the inept way our Rodney Trotter of a chief anti-terrorist policeman gave the game away.

But there is always a silver lining to other people’s clouds.

Terrorists posing as students must be heaven sent for our beleaguered University Chancellors.

Terrorist students never complain about poor facilities in the library or canteen or common room – because they never turn up there.

Terrorist students never complain about poor quality of lecturers – because they never attend lectures.

Terrorist students never complain about poor grades or being failed – because they have no intention sitting their exams.

Terrorist students simply pay their fees and disappear.

“Ah … if only all students could be so well behaved” – wistful thoughts from acedemia.

Better yet, many of these bogus students arriving in Britain have been putting bogus Universities on their bogus visa applications. If only these bogus Universities could be persuaded to publish some bogus results then our bogus Government could claim some bogus educational achievement.

Instead of which of course as in the real world where our Nation is innundated with 10,000 ersatz students a year from Pakistan, we find our real Education Secretary facing a real massive underfunding for our own real 6th Form students.