The Daily Telegraph environment correspondent (report 22 April) is happy to unquestioningly follow the line that ‘global warming’ has stopped because of pollution. And happy to take on board that it is pollution that is allowing plants to absorb more CO2, rather than perhaps natural mutation and adaptation.

Nowhere does she mention that current declining activity of the Sun in an extended Solar Minimum just might be having an effect, just as higher Solar activity caused temperatures to rise previously. We are now told, against all previous propaganda, that Antarctic sea ice is expanding, though she still peddles the factual untruth that Arctic ice is ‘melting’.

Incredibly she is trying to persuade us that, “The increase in the amount of carbon dioxide…may have helped to slow global warming”, yet still says further CO2 emissions will cause increased global warming. She and the global warming brigade are clearly between a rock and a hard place, with their predictions becoming hopelessly unravelled.

Their might just be a simple and sound explanation for temperature changes; our Sun. To admit that though would ruin the tax raising plans of politicians worldwide, the carbon swap profits of Al gores friends and the lucrative grants of opportunistic scientists and universities