The decline of the Brown government along with the Great Leaders own persona has continued apace.  Its hard to know where we are right now.  Uncharted territory.  On the edge of an electoral black hole where the laws of political physics break down.

There have of course been lots of comments in the ‘blogosphere’ and just lately its Dizzy who has been hitting the nail in the head.

His perception of todays PMQs is I think the best I have read. He points out for instance

Incredibly, Brown started banging on about helping mortgage holders. The thing is, the Government revealed two days ago that only two families have been helped by the £285m Mortgage Relief Scheme since January. The subject then came up later about this figure and Brown denied it was the case.

Dizzy has also pinned down the Telegraph over its comments on the Blears resignation (and it would seem forced a climbdown) and caught it out spinning for No10.

…if you were a complete idiot and failed to pay attention to what was said at the time; or perhaps are taking a line being briefed to you from those with an interest in discrediting Blears before she publicly attacks them.

And from the sublime to the ridiculous Dizzy even has time to make play with the vanguard of that monstrous regiment of Blairite wimmin. Gordon’s (fallen) Angels.  Try as I might though Dizzy, I am afraid that Flint woman does nothing for me.

And where next? Whoever is leader of the Labour party they are going to find it hard to avoid an election before October. My thinking?  This crisis is not over yet. Our spending is still outof control and the public finances are heading ever deeper into the red. Everything is coming out of left field and that does not preclude Crisis Part Two in August. Could Labour really survive an emergency Budget without being forced into a subsequent election?