Its odd, considering that I am apathetic to the EU, that I increasingly find EU Referendum too strident sometimes and certainly too sanctimonious.

However – their point about the attendance in Parliament for the Defence Debate is well made.  There looks to be just one Labour backbencher and no LibDems.  Conservatives not much better.  As Ann Winterton says, an …

“insult to our armed forces”

Tabling a Defence Debate on polling day is a disgrace.  But then so is Brown, using PMQ’s as an excuse to read out the names of our dead.

Ann Winterton has been caught out by the “Mr and Mrs” expenses scandal and will soon be no more in Parliament.  A pity since she has been in the forefront of exposing the lack of proper equipment for our troops in Afghanistan.

On a similar topic Richard North has published his account of our intervention in Iraq, which after a good start has to be said ended in an ignoble fashion.  Its not likely that the mainstream media will admit to this but we must hope that the defence establishment realise it, otherwise our presence in Afghanistan (which I support) will end in even more wasted lives.