In a TV interview today Justice Secretary Jack Straw has blamed bad management of the London Probation Service for all the problems which culminated in the horrible murder of 2 French students.  The chief of the service resigned some months ago.

Shades of the sacking of the chief of the Prison Service by Michael Howard several years back.

Yet back then in October 1995 it was Straw himself who saw fit to move the following motion in Parliament …

“That this House deplores the unwillingness of the Secretary of State for the Home Department to accept responsibility for serious operational failures of the Prison Service”

Straw was happy to stand up in Parliament and accuse …

“The Secretary of State has continually sought to evade his responsibility for the proper running of the Prison Service.”

Now in office himself and following a shocking break down in the operation of the Probation Service ( not to mention police and the Crown Prosecution Service ) he is happy to duck the same responsibility he was earlier keen to heap on his predecessor.

He was opportunistic then and is shameless now.