The Telegraph reports that Labour MPs are in open revolt against the Prime Minister’s stance on expenses.

“They accused Mr Brown of enabling Sir Thomas to decide his own remit”

“Mr Brown had hoped that Sir Thomas’s inquiry would pave the way for new reforms that could began to ease the political crisis”

“instead senior Labour MPs were claiming that the episode had “backfired” on the Prime Minister.”

“backfired” on the Prime Minister?  Oh really?  Only a Labour MP could be surprised at that.  Every plan that Gordon Brown has ever had has “backfired” on him, oh and us, the country.

Welcome to the monkey house.

Interestingly, given the nature of this quote, “I have never known such venom in the tea-room. No one has a good word to say about the stupid so-and-so (Mr Brown) for starting this whole thing.” one wonders what the odds of Brown surviving until Christmas are after all.

And PS, I do like the innocence of The Telegraph in feeling they have to clarify just who the “stupid so-and-so” actually is — still they do not feel the need to translate the meaning of  ‘so and so’.