OK in fact my post has precious little to do with Greeks and only marginally deficits.  Though I think I  cover myself with my conclusions – all right I don’t.

In truth, given the current Euro crisis, it seems a neat headline, so self servingly I use it.

No I am driven by a quote – publicised by The Spectators ‘Coffee House’. They quote Brown as saying, “we are paying a one off price for globalisation”

Coffee House put this down to “the technocratic side of Brown”, (they might have remembered, ‘a price worth paying‘) but it really is all part of Brown rationalising his broken paradigm to himself.

This is not just his post neo classical endogenous growth theory rubbish, or his facile social engineering. Its all his fancies about global this that and the other and how it means never ending sweetness and light.

Just before he came down with his brain illness Ted Kennedy had to sit through Brown’s speech to the assembled Kennedy entourage in Boston, waffling on about ‘global’ issues. Laughably you will not be surprised to learn that Brown thought that everything good thats happened in the world since 1963 was down to President John and Senator Ted. Even the fall of the Berlin Wall.

But when you hear Brown say things like “Let me sketch out the challenges we face, the new directions I favour and the solutions I propose.”, you know you should run for the exit.

Interestingly when you consider his response to the leaked UEA emails Brown says, “A few years ago in regime after regime sentries could stand over fax machines as governments sought to deny information to their peoples … the digital age is enabling people to become the authors of change rather than its subjects”. Hmm, today Iran has shut down Google.  Still we cannot expect the Great Leader to think of everything.

Browns conclusions? “a new World Bank; a new International Monetary Fund; a reformed and renewed United Nations … strong regional organizations from the European Union to the African Union able to bring … humanitarian aid, peacekeeping and the support for stability and reconstruction that has been absent for too long — all built around a new global society founded on revitalized international rules and institutions, ”

You pick up on that? Lets leave aside the more powerful (usually unaccountable) institutions to rule and dehumanise us; no its, ‘rules’; pity those pesky Greeks cannot obey rules (and pay their taxes). Rules – thats why we have had 6000 new laws in the past 13 years. Rules to make life better. If only people would think like Brown and obey his rules.

This is Browns warped paradigm. He then demanded “during the year to come I want this debate about change to become a global dialogue about renewal as we embark upon a task perhaps more ambitious than even the Bretton Woods Conference”.  Phew!

All that was in April 2008 – anyone seen any of these absurd pipe-deams coming to fruition?

No. Brown did not, cannot, envisage ‘globalisation’ making things worse not better, so our current disaster becomes a ‘one off’ price.
What should worry people is that if he really believes that then he will not be rushing to rebalance our economy, as according to his paradigm we have all of the time in the (global) world.  Just follow his rules, its easy.

And for followers of the Jonah Principle – soon after this speech Senator Ted had a brain seizure and subsequently died, with the Democrats losing his seat to … someone called Brown.

Disaster looms. Britain desperately needs a new government.