I am a liberal.   Well a libertarian.

I am a democrat.  But not, note, a Democrat.

Its just that I am not a juxtaposition of the two.  I am a Tory.

So why should I worry about the Liberal Democrats?  Or offer them advice.

Well they are part of a Tory led Coalition, a Coalition their activists unanimously voted to join. So I do feel a small sense of self imposed responsibility.  We also find journalists, typified by the absurd Mary Riddell who hardly deserves her platform in that parody of a once great newspaper – The Telegraph, seemingly intent on speculatively nit-picking the Coalition unto death.

All manner of horrors are being foretold upon the LibDem’s Conference.  Apparently getting ones fingers smudged on the oily levers of power will be all too much for the delicate sensibilities of the party faithful.

Without a doubt the LibDem Conference will be interesting and who knows the electorate may (for the first time ever) be watching it like hawks.

What might they be looking for so intently?   Well, just perhaps for signs of the Liberal Democrats growing up.