There was an eponymous Charles Bronson film once where he played a character called St Ives.  I don’t think the character was meant to have been born in Cornwall.

With David Cameron’s new baby now receiving a name coming from a Cornish village – and fashion being what it is – can we expect more children sporting a middle name with a Cornish connection?

Can we expect a James Saltash etc …

or Elizabeth Tregatta …?

There seems little to worry about growing up as Isaac Quin … And Rock Padstow could expect a career in films but I hope we don’t get a Hubert Rupert Cubert … or a Johnny Twelveheads … or Mabel Mabyn …

I was brought up in Wigan, so perhaps I should have a middle name like ‘Pemberton’ or ‘ Standish’ – all suitably upstanding.  Fortunately my dear mother did not want to complicate my school-days and kept things simple with just  plain Trevor – otherwise I might have been lumbered with say ‘Parbold’.

But as our title suggests, I’m sure a Rose by any other name will look just as pretty.