I’ve just had a good laugh …  no really its a hoot.

No doubt desperate to avoid the claim that he is responsible for a further  miscarriage Guido Fawkes brags about his Hague smear being all about job adverts.  As if SpAds ever were sifted and interviewed.  He seeks further props to keep him afloat in a sea of slime.

You have to laugh – really you do.  Who does he chose?  Why the New Statesman and Channel 4 News!  2 of Guido’s most implacable lefty hate figures.

Laurie Penny of the new Statesman pens as ugly a post as you would expect and  grotesquely blames Hague for bringing up the issue of Ffion’s miscarriages.  She conveniently forgets the earlier smears about his marriage, rumours no doubt fanned by various absences by Ffion (due of course to her miscarriages).  we doubt that this will bother Guido – the only wife he has apologised to is his own.

Then we have Jon Snow popping up on Guido’s blogroll ever anxious to misrepresent the story by saying its all about Mr Myers suitability for the job.  A helpful prop this to Guido.  Unfortunately we also have Tony Blairs book to remind us of his former girlfriend from his university days .  What happened to her – why Anjie Hunter became one of Blairs most trusted aids.  Did the smarmy Mr Snow bother about this?  Not when Blair was his closet hero.  And of course its best not to raise the issue of Ms Hunter in this context since it reminds the plebs that an important quality about SpAds is their friendship and trust.

Hypocrites don’t ya just love ’em.  They certainly love each other; strange bedfellows desperation and hypocrisy makes.