The Archbishop of Canterbury is getting very exercised over the government’s  benefits policy.  Its good, as usual, of The Telegraph to run this anti-coalition story.

He particularly disliked the idea of people being forced to do unpaid work for their benefits.  We can expect the Labour Party to complain likewise.

Unfortunately for those thinking this policy is some sort of uniquely unjust penalty – it was also Labour’s own policy back in 2007 under Blair and Hain

Single parents are to be forced to look for work once their youngest child reaches seven.   Those who refuse to try to find a job will lose some of their benefits.  The controversial plan, set out by the Government, is among a raft of ambitious welfare reforms designed to get more of the longterm unemployed back to work.   Other proposals include forcing the jobless to do unpaid work experience if they claim benefits for more than a year.

and again in 2008 under Brown and Purnell.

Benefit claimants could be forced to sign on every day and join mandatory out-of-work programmes, James Purnell said today … the Tories, promised opposition support for the proposals…

Who will rid us of this turbulent priest?  Anyone who thinks God does not work in mysterious ways has clearly not seen the Archbishop of Canterbury.  I would prefer Rowan Atkinson in the job.

Still meantime we could have even more Labour hypocrisy to look forward to.  Every cloud has a silver lining.