Before you can blink another G20 Summit is upon us.  We must presume that British students and their associated agitprop followers are indeed too impoverished to get there  (or do not fancy ” ‘avin some” it with the South Korean National Police Agency-Combat Police Division) so they have decided to  burn London instead.

There is much agonising over the next way forward.  You know, the Chinese exchange rate;  external imbalances; how to rebalance the World economy; currency wars; financial regulation; IMF reform.  Then there is the Global Safety Net, the Doha Round trade negotiations, international development and, as we shiver into winter, yes you guessed it Climate Change.

It all seems as usual very complicated and worrying, but look – this is in fact all really very easy.  Gordon Brown sets up some rules (very complex ones admittedly) and EVERYBODY says how wonderful he is and naturally follows them to the letter.  Problem solved.

Of course, what’s really important about this policy is that EVERYBODY says how wonderful he is.
Lets be clear this IS a very important part of the policy because it is the price we pay for making sure that Brown never never ever ever comes anywhere near being given a serious ‘international’ job.

Some might think it would be OK to give him Africa, but what have the Africans done to deserve that?