As airports grind to a halt, as roads are closed thanks to jack-knifed lorries, as snow snow and more snow keeps us prisoners in our own homes …  where is the met office?  Where were the dire warnings of doom and disaster from the University of East Anglia?

Gatwick Airport proudly says its got snow clearing equipment arriving any day soon.  Why did it not order them 3 months ago?

What the current climate shows us that far and away the worst that the future holds is global cooling and what we have to face up to is that we are in between ice ages and the only certainty is that its going to get colder in future.

Sadly the bigotry and self interests of alleged ‘scientists’  have let us down.  Blinded by their self justification they are not advising government to prepare for the inevitable bite back of nature.  Instead of investing (?) billions in wind farms we should just be spending a few million on snow ploughs and a bit of salt.