Poor ‘Saint’ Vince Cable – his halo has slipped.  But there are other possibly more important issues than Cable’s indiscretions in this story; it is riddled with ironies and contradictions.

The Telegraph go out of their way to have a pop at Cable and other libdems – why?  Because its leadership are anti coalition/ Cameron and pro right wing loopy.  This may be something to do with their ‘secretive’ owners.  Either way their honey trap was blatantly political.


Not so long ago the Telegraph Group (including the Spectator), The Mail Group and The Guardian Group ALL wrote to Saint Vince demanding he do what he has admitted he was minded to do; ie not approve the take over.

But Lo … The Telegraph for its own perverse political reasons stitches up the very man they are pleading with to sustain their own economic future!  Clever or what?

But easy peasy – they censor that!  Great thing this freedom of the press.  One wonders what Vince (whose anti Murdoch bias would have been well known at the Telegraph) would have made of his entrapment  – even if his Murdoch comments had not come to light. Does anybody seriously expect him to do the Telegraph a commercial favour knowing they had set him up? He would really have to be a saint  to do that.

So which ever way this may have panned out, to pursue its own political bias The Telegraph set out on a process which was going to scupper its commercial interests.
Clever?  Wherever the resignations come from – there should be shedloads at The Telegraph.