A number of suggestions are surfacing about what Gordon Brown would do if he had to build a snowman …

It’s simple.

If Brown were to build a snownman it would only be if everyone possible could benefit from the snowman; no part of the nation could be without snowmen; snowmen should be part of the community. Africa would have to have snowmen.

He would visit his friends in New Hampshire to tell them that building snowmen was a global issue and demanded global falls of snow.

He would spend considerable sums of money not just building snowmen but also transporting them in refrigerated trucks (driven by Polish drivers) to those parts of the country not currently benefiting from snowmen.

The costs of all this would be such that Brown would have to max out his credit card and due to the high repayments he could not afford to spend as much on Christmas presents and could only afford a smaller turkey.  But we would all have snowmen – until they melted.

Merry Christmas