OK, the above title is not mine … but I like it.

The point which deserves publicising is that a well worn allegation is junk.  That is that 97% of a large survey agree with the notion  of man made global warming.

You have to question the motives of the perpetrators when they so massively misrepresent facts.  Not to mention the gullibility of activists, academics journalists and politicians who swallow it.

From a poll of over 10,000 scientists only 3000 respond and of those only 75 out of 77 claim to be climate scientists.  So from this 75 out of 10,000 becomes 97%.   As ‘Climate Consensus Opiate’ say ….

The original number contacted was 10,157 and of those, 69% decided they didn’t want any part of it, but they were the original target population. When the figure of 75 believers is set against that number, we get a mere 0.73% of the scientists they contacted who agreed with their loaded questions.

Some solution.