The dramatic ‘World’ island project in Dubai has run into a spot of bother.  Its sinking.  Global warmist might even now be getting up a head of steam.  They would be advised not to bother.

Its not the oceans rising inexorably and in step to the beat of oure carbon footsteps (though we can be sure much carbon was expended in creating our Dubai World).  No.   Ice in the Antarctic is thickening not lessening.  There is nothing particularly abnormal about the Arctic ice melt and refreeze cycle.

The land in Dubai is artificial – its nothing to do with global warming – its about bad construction.  Cowboy builders.  and Architects.  And Engineers.

But be warned.  Land elsewhere is disappearing – and disappearing ate a geological rate of knots.  As an example, Greece is inch by inch bit by bit slowly sinking into the Mediterranean,  or rather sliding into the Med.  Its nothing to do with rising water but falling land.   It would be absurd to think that; the mountains of Greece are slowly subsuming into the sea.

But not as absurd as the delusions of mad economics and construction.  Funny things climate and geology.