When it comes to the Libyan prisoner release, people are missing the elephant in the room.

Suppose a plane exploded over Texas and the perpetrator was serving jail  in Texas.

Does anybody really think it would be down to the governor and government of Texas to be able to release him to please Libya?


Because it would be down to the Federal government; it would be a federal offence. And a federal jail.

The problem of having to facilitate for Scotland to do the national bidding (good or bad) is down to the cock up that is devolution.  But we do not have a Federal govt in the UK despite devolution.  Its probable that Texas has more devolved powers than Scotland but it is part of a complete federal system.

There is no English govt nor a corresponding true federal system.  If there were Brown and his govt would have been in complete control instead of tipping winks and nods and slipping odd legislative presents to Salmond.

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