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Gordon Brown’s appointment to the ‘World Economic Forum’ is causing quite a stir.
No wonder.

One wonders what kind of pig in a poke these guys are buying.
Brown regularly used smoke and mirrors to disguise his ineptitude. Not least debt as %age of GDP. But as governments borrow more to spend then that spending adds to GDP, so its inevitable that the extra spending as a %age will not show up as as a high a figure as it perhaps deserves. The harsh numbers are a better guide.

Public Net Debt was £348 billion in 97/98 (and set to plateau and dip thereafter – thanks to Tory spending plans). In 10/11 it was £772 and sky rocketing.

Socialists are totally disingenuous in their cherry picking of statistics. Debt having dipped to £312 billion in 2001, it then started its inevitable Brownian rise despite what we were told was growth.
By 2005 it was £425 billion. By 2008 it was £525 billion.
So lets be clear — the brilliant policies of Gordon Brown -skills which various august bodies claim to value (well he IS coming free) – added £213 billion to our national debt in times of alleged prosperity. Within another 2 years he was going to add virtually another £250 billion!

All this getting on for £500 billion of debt was going to do do something to the GDP – but the ugly debt is still there even if you cover its face with a sack


There are rumours – self serving self publicising rumours admittedly – that Gordon Brown fancies a return to the shadow cabinet as International Development Secretary.  Well it would allow Brown to do what he does best – sermonise.

It’s being asked if either of the likely winners of Labour’s leadership contest would welcome this …

Only if they are clinically insane.

The corpse seems intent on trying to claw its way out of its coffin. The first thing the new leader should do is ask for a bag of nails.

Lots of fun for all the family this Christmas watching video of Brown walking into a cupboard.

And hilarious speculation about Brown and Gore’s suits being buttoned up on the way in and unbuttoned on the way out! Has anyone timed how long they were in there alone?

But the real reason Brown left the cupboard was that when he went to it it was bare.

The Telegraph reports that Labour MPs are in open revolt against the Prime Minister’s stance on expenses.

“They accused Mr Brown of enabling Sir Thomas to decide his own remit”

“Mr Brown had hoped that Sir Thomas’s inquiry would pave the way for new reforms that could began to ease the political crisis”

“instead senior Labour MPs were claiming that the episode had “backfired” on the Prime Minister.”

“backfired” on the Prime Minister?  Oh really?  Only a Labour MP could be surprised at that.  Every plan that Gordon Brown has ever had has “backfired” on him, oh and us, the country.

Welcome to the monkey house.

Interestingly, given the nature of this quote, “I have never known such venom in the tea-room. No one has a good word to say about the stupid so-and-so (Mr Brown) for starting this whole thing.” one wonders what the odds of Brown surviving until Christmas are after all.

And PS, I do like the innocence of The Telegraph in feeling they have to clarify just who the “stupid so-and-so” actually is — still they do not feel the need to translate the meaning of  ‘so and so’.

Amazingly, despite its professed desire to prevent unemployment and promote British manufacturing industry the government seems determined to do all it can to destroy Jaguar Land Rover.  Certainly to destroy an prospect of those cars being built in Brtain.

As the Birmingham Post points out it is demanding Shylock like terms merely for guaranteeing bank loans to help the company develop new models and survive the recession.

Interestingly the Post article points out

Either way, it is apparent to me that there has been serious disagreement between BERR and the Treasury on the whole issue of JLR loan guarantees to the point of even suggesting that Prime Minister Gordon Brown has lost control of the Treasury.

Furthermore …

‘The government has decided to block full access to available EIB loans worth £340 million’  and  ‘the government has told Tata that it will only guarantee £175 million of the available EIB’  and  ‘if this loan is taken up they must immediately pay 15 per cent to the UK government in the form of a charge’   and  ‘The Government is apparently demanding significant management control of JLR in that  it requires to choose a chairman and to have a permanent seat on the management board’  and  ‘Ministers are also seeking a veto over all decisions taken by the company management, including investment, day to day matters and employment issues’.

This attitude is indeed so draconian, so bereft of any serious intent and interest, as to make one wonder just what the Treasury think the purpose the object of their existence and activities really is.

Its hard to see just what the government hope to achieve with all this except to completely alienate their voting base in the Midlands.

Has life in the Bunker ever been so divorced from reality? In another article the post suggests an answer …

…there is nothing coherent about whatever passes for Gordon Brown’s industrial policy.


Welcome to the Wonderland world so familiar to Alice.

At one particular Prime Minister’s Questions a few months back a our Great Leader laughingly (crises seem to bring out the joker in our Great Leader) admonished our pigmy Leader of the Opposition for having the temerity to worry about inflation.  He does not understand he said, “its deflation” we have to worry about.

Paramedics required to calm Labour backbench hysteria.

Today, as the Bank of England continues in its frenzy of printing money, the rate of inflation as it affects people in the real world – as opposed to the fantasy one our Great Leader is comfortable with – actually goes UP!

And not by the odd point but by two whole points from 3.0 to 3.2. Coffee House touches on the point but does not really press on just when the BoE might have to start raising interest rates.  My uneducated guess is just before June 2010.  Oops!

It is perhaps wholly apposite that on this day the Great Leader, our esteemed Prime Minister, the foremost exponent of political prestigitation we have perhaps ever seen, should set off for a tour of South America, that continent symptomatic of Banana Republics.

The Telegraph  reports that President Obama’s ‘rescue package’ is well and truly dedicated to protecting jobs in the USA – and only the USA.  And good luck to them.

This after all is in line with his policy during both his nomination and election campaigns.  It does of course beg the question: Why were the Euro Left so besotted with him?

As the Telegraph points out …

Now however we learn that the bill passed in the house of representatives late on Wednesday included a ban on most purchases of foreign steel and iron used in infrastructure projects.


The senate’s version of the legislation … goes even further, requiring that any projects related to the stimulus use only American-made equipment and goods.

The EU is spitting feathers, but coyly ignores its own trade barriers and restrictive practices. Indeed why should the USA pour billions, trillions, into its economy with the avowed purpose of propping up American jobs, only to see the money spent abroad?  This after all is the perverse logic of Browns VAT cut and Obama, ‘The One’, does not walk on water for nothing.

But where one must ask does this leave the Prime Minister’s claims that the USA is following his lead.  His assertion that this ‘global’ crisis demands a united ‘global’ response?

In tatters?

The news of significant losses in the steel industry and GKN on top of previous job losses in the car industry is a sobering warning that the recession is eating into the marrowbone of the economy.  Not that it feels any less if your a Woolies emloyees losing their job.

Its hard to see, no matter how much the government try to talk up their loans to the car industry, how people in fear of losing their jobs are going to rush out and buy new cars. Throwing money at green initiatives when the industry has already made massive strides in producing more efficient engines also seems potty.  On top of which since the car industry is (to use a favourite Brown phrase) ‘global’, its hard to see the point of passing on such money to overseas companies.

This is of course the latest in a long list of initiatives (it would be absurd to call them policies) from the government.  Brown Darling et al are locked into labelling their opponents ‘do nothing’ and in the usual way of the world the Opposition in turn label the Government, and their revolving door of announcements, a bunch ‘headless chickens’.

Sadly it has to be pointed out that ‘headless chickens‘ can be with us for a long time and one can only wonder what state we will be in when Gordon Brown’s passable impersonation of one finally falls off its perch.

Mike the Headless Chicken - lived for 18 months

Mike the Headless Chicken - lived for 18 months

Apparently a “Mike the Headless Chicken Day”, is held on the third weekend of every May in Fruita Colorado.  Maybe this would be an appropriate time for a General Eection.

Brown is tonight putting on the top hat and tails and giving his  Mansion House Speech – its being trailed that he is going to propose a New World Order, led of course by Britain, ie him!

Its not for the first time though …

In his 2007 Mansion House speech he said
“… it will be said of this age, the first decades of the 21st century, that out of the greatest restructuring of the global economy, perhaps even greater than the industrial revolution, a new world order was created.”

In this same speech – a year ago he also boasted the city was
“a world leader in stability, and we will entrench that stability, by ensuring Britain’s macroeconomic framework remains a world benchmark,”
That he would be “vigilant against complacency”
and he would be
“enhancing a risk based regulatory approach, as we did in resisting pressure … after Enron and Worldcom”
“in the new world order, as the City bears witness, Britain’s great natural resource are our people”

Brown talks about a global recession as if Britain is not part of the globe, but he has been at the heart of cheer-leading and banging the drum for globalisation
“It is investment in education that when combined with free trade, open markets and flexibility makes for the virtuous circle of an inclusive globalisation:”

Sadly for him and the rest of us his ‘light touch’ regulation led to disaster. He boasted in his ‘Better Regulation’ address …
“We will look to apply on a wider basis the principle of risk based regulation to financial services legislation and the work of the FSA … I welcome the thinking it is doing about how it can further reduce the burden of financial regulation.”

Now Brown has invented a new reality, a new paradigm, where all his previous cock ups never existed and where he still thinks he talks sense.

Reading this useless pompous speech is quite instructive (its similar to all the other useless pompous speeches Brown makes) Brown thinks he is good at painting the big grand picture – in fact he is only painting by numbers.

The real ‘reality’ is quite simple. He thinks we are all as thick as two short planks with the attention span of a goldfish.

The Nelson Touch” has gone down in history … it gave us victory at Trafalgar and cemented British dominion of the seas for the next century and gave birth to the British Empire.

Sadly for the Nation another one-eyed man’s touch has proved to be disastrous for the British economy and its lasting heritage can at the moment only be guessed at.

There is no end to the many and manifold sins and wickednesses that Gordon Brown either as Chancellor or Prime Minister has inflicted on this country.  In connection with this awesomely frighteningly disastrously unfolding financial crisis Brown seems to have excelled himself.  And Browns statements about regulation in general and financial regulation in particular are a devastating indictment of hubris on a massive scale.

The government – this LABOUR government – has been unequivocally in charge since 1997. Under Gordon Brown it  drastically changed regulation to a light touch ‘risk based’ model. It did so back in 2005.  The ‘Better Regulation Action Plan’ should be hung round Browns neck as a noose that terminates his premiership.
How many times do we need to repeat his words before the nation wakes up?

We will look to apply on a wider basis the principle of risk based regulation to financial services legislation and the work of the FSA.


The FSA, which we set up in 1997 as a world leading example of how to regulate financial services … has already done valuable work on adopting a risk based approach and I welcome the thinking it is doing about how it can further reduce the burden of financial regulation.


A risk based approach helps move us a million miles away from the old assumption – the assumption since the first legislation of Victorian times – that business, unregulated, will invariably act irresponsibly.

Every single one of those words is a nail in Browns coffin of credibility.

Why did the Titanic ship of state hit the economic iceberg?

In this time of crisis the Opposition are offering support, certainly for the principle involved – well realistically its the only option available – so the govt know they can get on with it without being criticised.  But what happens?  All lefties can do is take advantage of this and make party political points.  I think Browns pathetic party politicking at QMT will come back to haunt him – given the points I make above – he deserves it

The financial whirlwind has resulted in there being some twittering about Browns poll deficit reducing and comment on how he is seen to be (ever so slightly) more trusting on the economy.

Given that Brown has been managing the economy in the run up to this crisis then all this does seem most strange, and I can only put it down to three things (4 if you include a biased and statistically opaque poll).

The gullibility of the electorate
The crass stupidity (and left wing partiality) of the TV media
The ruthless deceit of Gordon Brown

Take the nationalisation of Bradford and Bingley.
Brown announced that it would not cost the taxpayer anything as it would be covered by an insurance policy (the existence of which and its purpose was news to me)

Well, as any one knows once claims mount on any insurance policy the premiums go up, and The Times has quickly pointed this out showing that bank charges will rise and indeed this may see the end of free banking.  “All banks face huge increases in the levy they pay to the deposit lifeboat, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, after it borrowed £14 billion from the Government to underwrite Bradford & Bingley deposits transferred to Banco Santander. ”

Can we expect the institutionally left wing BBC to point the finger at yet another Brown smoke and mirrors trick to hide yet another stealth tax to bail himself out of yet another financial disaster?  Don’t hold your breath – they seem more interested in catching a smile from George Osborne in an unguarded off duty moment..

BTW – as part of Santander buying the B&B branch network and its deposits – can someone explain why we the taxpayer are also giving it £4 BILLION?

Speculation is rife as, at long last, a few hardy souls put their heads over the parapet in the battle to remove Gordon Brown.  If he goes who will replace him?  Cabinet meetings promise to become a macabre dance of deception as various allies and enemies go the the motions of pretending to govern Britain.

But it is not just a question of WHO will replace Brown, but WHAT will they do?  Carry on the same?

The recession is still there and its being made worse thanks to 11 years of Browns policies which were happily accepted by the Labour Party and whoever it is who might replace him.

A new leader if he were to do the right thing for the country would cut spending in order to cut the burgeoning deficit and cut taxes to ease price pressure on consumers and promote growth.   Heaven forbid, but it might actually be necessary to INCREASE taxes to cut the deficit.

Step forward the Labour leader willing to do this with the implicit criticism of their last 11 years of office.  Could they really expect to be taken seriously?

Either way – if Labour squeeze us as a result of past stupidity or muddle through as now – would changing leader really help?  It would certainly not deserve to.

And with world leaders queuing up to eff and blind at Milliband – just who do they choose?  I suppose provided he stays in office for 12 months then Jack Straw might think it would give him a nice pension.

The political air is still thick from the dust kicked up by the Glasgow East by-election, not least thanks to David Miliband entering the shattered ruins and stirring up the toxic cloud of particles even further. It’s hard to say which event is the more seismic. But the Glasgow East by election was unavoidable; Miliband could quite easily have kept quiet. Indeed in days, weeks, years to come he may well come to wish he had stayed silent. Because in all the flurry of words and articles he pointedly refused to endorse Brown and there must be a Cabinet full of ministers who would be mightily pleased not to be forced into a position to answer that question, yet here we have Miliband going out of his way to set himself up to be pestered with such queries.

So just what is going on?

Well … I am not sure anybody knows – not least the main protagonists. Oh they may well think they know what they are up to, but really do they? The answer is ‘No’ quite frankly. They no more know what they are doing than do headless chickens. When Miliband stoically refused to offer himself as a candidate during the leadership election did he suffer from misgivings then about Brown’s abilities, or did he have worries about the economic outlook which he now, only now, alludes to?

Indeed, did anyone in the Labour Party?

Just about the only Cabinet Minister who can hold his head up on that one is John (sorry, Dr John) Reid. He promptly upped sticks and left. The rest? They were still dreaming in cloud cuckoo land, hubris piling upon hubris as they arrogantly rid themselves of Blair.

ALL the people who would currently like to see the back of Gordon did not have the foggiest notion that they would be in their current pickle way back then when they were busily anointing him The Great Leader. For 11 years they believed in Gordon and all his works. For all this time they sat silently through all the interference in the machinery of government emanating from 11 Downing Street and The Smith Institute (which of course in many instances were one and the same thing). They applauded everything from tax grab to tax credit. Are we to believe that after years of sleepwalking through government, and in the case of Miliband ‘sleepwonking’ his way through the corridors and backstairs of power, are we to believe that these people have the intellectual ability to carry out any coherent thought through policy, even one for their own self preservation?

They have not got a clue what’s been going on, what’s going on, nor what’s going to go on. The notion that at the click of a few fingers the likes of Miliband or any other co or rival conspirator can breezily come up with what’s wrong with what they have been doing to Britain all these years is, quite frankly, risible. Britain is in a mess. But pardon me, it’s THEIR mess – and the notion that THEY can put it right, when they do not even know what they have done wrong, is insulting to what is left of our intelligence after 11 years of Labour education policy.

So go easy on the conspiracy theories, rein back on the carefully crafted plots. If Miliband has a plan then it is, as Arthur Dent might say, “… obviously some strange usage of the word plan that I wasn’t previously aware of.”

And in the most ironic of postscripts, what of the spectre at the feast? “Why oh why”, must muse Tony Blair, “why did I not sack Gordon Brown when I had the chance?”

The resignation of Wendy Alexander, or ‘Wee Wendy McNumpty’ as Andrew Neil memorably called her, is a victory for our self appointed Sleazebuster General and his assorted err, cohorts. Mind you Alex Salmond might like to claim an assist there as well. I guess Ms Alexander deserves all she gets as it was after all Labour who invented sleazebashing. As a pretty incompetent minister and Labour leader there are plenty of reasons to relish her demise. I have to say though I find it difficult to justify her resignation based on the issues involved. Both the Electoral Commission and the Procurator Fiscal have acquitted her. She goes I guess because she just does not have what it takes, the heat in the kitchen is too great.

What seems to be being ignored though is that Wee Wendy owes all she has to the patronage of one G. Brown Esq. He pushed her to the leadership and no doubt strong armed the Scottish Labour party into accepting yet another unopposed leadership election (counting Robert Mugabe, I make that 3 such elections for sure in the last 12 months). Its pretty clear poor Wee Wendy was not up to the job, thats reason enough to see the back of her (if you’re a Labour supporter that is). Her donorgate scandal is in all probability due to her dumb stupidity rather than any desperate need to garner funds and provide payback for the same. Remember Bernie Ecclestone anybody? ‘Straight sort of guy’ Blair did not feel the need to resign over that now did he?

So anyway, what does all of this tell us about the judgement of her mentor?

And what does it say about the judgement of the cabinet, the backbenchers and the party that put HIM in power?

If Brown is persuaded to perform the inevitable crisis solving reshuffle then top of his list should be a Minister of Expediency.

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