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The dramatic ‘World’ island project in Dubai has run into a spot of bother.  Its sinking.  Global warmist might even now be getting up a head of steam.  They would be advised not to bother.

Its not the oceans rising inexorably and in step to the beat of oure carbon footsteps (though we can be sure much carbon was expended in creating our Dubai World).  No.   Ice in the Antarctic is thickening not lessening.  There is nothing particularly abnormal about the Arctic ice melt and refreeze cycle.

The land in Dubai is artificial – its nothing to do with global warming – its about bad construction.  Cowboy builders.  and Architects.  And Engineers.

But be warned.  Land elsewhere is disappearing – and disappearing ate a geological rate of knots.  As an example, Greece is inch by inch bit by bit slowly sinking into the Mediterranean,  or rather sliding into the Med.  Its nothing to do with rising water but falling land.   It would be absurd to think that; the mountains of Greece are slowly subsuming into the sea.

But not as absurd as the delusions of mad economics and construction.  Funny things climate and geology.


As airports grind to a halt, as roads are closed thanks to jack-knifed lorries, as snow snow and more snow keeps us prisoners in our own homes …  where is the met office?  Where were the dire warnings of doom and disaster from the University of East Anglia?

Gatwick Airport proudly says its got snow clearing equipment arriving any day soon.  Why did it not order them 3 months ago?

What the current climate shows us that far and away the worst that the future holds is global cooling and what we have to face up to is that we are in between ice ages and the only certainty is that its going to get colder in future.

Sadly the bigotry and self interests of alleged ‘scientists’  have let us down.  Blinded by their self justification they are not advising government to prepare for the inevitable bite back of nature.  Instead of investing (?) billions in wind farms we should just be spending a few million on snow ploughs and a bit of salt.

The halo of the ‘new religion’ is tarnished.  For too long the words that have come down from the gargantuan mountaintop of the IPCC have been taken as gospel and the morals of its leadership and their acolytes have been considered higher than those of the Saints.

Well that opinion will need revising as leading national science academies shred the IPCC’s dogma into tiny pieces.

‘Qualitative probabilities should be used to describe the probability of well-defined outcomes only when there is sufficient evidence.’

‘We found in the summary for policymakers that there were two kinds of errors that came up — one is the kind where they place high confidence in something where there is very little evidence. The other is the kind where you make a statement … with no substantive value, in our judgment.’

We must hope these God like figures are now brought down from their clouds of glory to meet their Judgement Day and their gullible disciples have the scales lifted from their eyes.

Hallelujah brothers and sisters!


That great campaigner against modern day global warming indulgences (and who diligently translates the language of the warmists into something we mere supplicants can understand) – Anthony Watt – has much more HERE.  The Reformation of a corrupt science continues; carefully audited facts should be the source of revealed knowledge.

The big splash for The Independent is to say that the vital plankton in the oceans is declining thanks, inevitably, to global warming.


The report does not prove that, rather puts 2 and 2 together in a manner familiar with followers of the CRU debacle.

In fact what the report does is test the clarity of the oceans (as a proxy) and conclude that the change is due to plankton decline and that decline is due to rising temperatures.

However …
“The Secchi disk transparency measurement is perhaps one of the oldest and simplest of all measurements. But there is grave danger of errors in such measurements where a water telescope is not utilized, as well as in the presence of water color and inorganic turbidity (source: Vollenweider and Kerekes, 1982)”

Phytoplankton has survived climate (and CO2) variations way in excess of what we have now. But don’t let that spoil a clever Indy front page splash


Further comment from more analytical minds than mine pour more, err … cold water on the splashes made by the Indy.

An interesting story in Watts Up With That prompts me to comment on the current state of man made global warming – or the lack of it.

Its quite a funny story really about the icebreaker stuck in the ice.  Whats so funny?  Well it was engaged in a cruise to demonstrate how much ice had disappeared due to global warming.  Such ice as there was, was expected to be thin and weedy, but in the end it trapped the mammoth ship for a week.  Hope the passengers enjoyed it.  As one commenter says “In the last year, 2 separate cruise ships viewing ‘the melting Antarctic ice’ have struck icebergs”.  We will gloss over the ‘carbon footprint’ of these voyages.

One reason why temperatures are rated as high as they are is also highlighted in this blog.  Putting a weather station in a Fire Station car park in the middle of a city is not the best of ideas but its not uncommon as this link explains further.  And you thought all this temperature recording lark was ‘scientific’.

‘Watts Up  …’ also points up the fact that there is far from a concensus on global warming, highlighting The Oregon Petition, which has just chalked up Freeman Dyson as a signatory, not to mention the Manhattan Declaration and the Leipzig Declaration.  When you are told there is a scientific consensus by anybody, you know they are lying.  “Nature of course will be the final arbiter of truth” and the graph in this link currently makes devastating reading for warming alarmist.

Here in sunny Britain harsh politics and economics are intruding into the warmists fantasies.  Its troubling that policy such as fuel tax and carbon indulgences trading is being made up on the basis of “the “scientists” torturing the data until it tells the truth”.  Where is Amnesty International when you need them?

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